Happy Glamping - Bluestack Eco Holiday Village
Holiday Village & Campsite
Open All Year
Happy Glamping Ireland
Donegal & Sligo now too :)
Happy Glamping is an Eco friendly homestead based in an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

A special place to connect with nature & enjoy our beautiful Irish Landscape

Glamping is short for Glamorous Camping - go camping in warm, comfortable fully equipped cabins supplied with everything you need for your camping trip. Enjoy all the Fun & Adventure of Camping in cosy surroundings without the expense of providing your own camping equipment.
Camper vans & Tents Welcome 
Pre - booking Essential 
Happy Glamping 
087 6411 941
We hope you can find everything you need on our new improved glamping website. Feel free to contact us for Bookings or check back regularly for updates &
special offers.
We are a small family site in a lovely quiet area, loud music or loud noise is not permitted onsite.

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